Planting the seed

There is something to be said for life long affection of dirt.

My oldest loves the stories I tell her from when the summer she was a year and a half and would “help” me in the garden. First, she would eat all the green cherry tomatoes within her reach. Then she would start squealing that she had to go “potty! Right now!”  And I would dash her half naked summer skin out of the garden and away from our crop as quick as can be. And now, six years later, she laughs so hard she cries every time she makes me tell that tale again.

Ever since she was a wee one she has spent parts of her summer helping out in the garden. She has always loved it- especially the part that involves picking and eating. I remember doing that as a child, but somewhere in there, my affection for the soil waned and I saw it as labour. And of course balked at it. I am trying to make that not a part of our world- the simple “You have to help” thing, just because like most chores we are “required” to do as children, we begin to step back and no longer love. I don’t want that. She is also harbouring the seven year old independence itch right now. In this, she wants to do her own thing 99.9% of the time. And if I happen to ask if she wants to do something with me, it has to be at her own accord, having nothing, absolutely nothing, to do with the fact that I came up with the idea. It’s a rather funny time for us, and I’m willing to just be present and let our time together be wonderful, no matter the circumstance.

Seven year olds are a rather sticky breed, they want their mama close, but not so close. And when they fall down off their scooter and skin their knee, they absolutely want the cuddles and affection. More then anything, though, they want to ride to the end of the block on their own. Sweetness.

So, yesterday afternoon we set up on the porch to plant our tomatoes, tomatillos, and basil (two kinds, purple ruffled and regular big leaf). We had to put the pots up high so that a certain wee one wouldn’t take it upon herself to empty each and every pot that we filled. Or to find out exactly what lobster compost tastes like anyway. (Gotten from this fabulous company… LOVE their soils!)

Poking the holes, and being ever so careful that only the allotted amount of seeds land per hole- it was quite the task. And I think just perfect for a girl learning the dexterity of her movements. I have been so impressed with the grace of this girl, whether it is in ballet, riding her scooter, or balancing her toddler sister on her hip. She is growing up, right before my eyes. A sight to behold. (And nothing like it to make me realize how quickly time is flying by!!)

And then, of course, here is our other helper. Being OH so very helpful.

And of course, our favourite seed companies…

Fedco seeds

Johnny’s seeds

High Mowing seeds



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