Rachel Carson Salt Pond Preserve

Just north of New Harbor on Route 32 sits a tiny treasure I must have missed a hundred times before discovering this summer. Credit for my discovery goes to my mom, who has visited the salt pond for years just to sit in her car and enjoy the view. But you really must step out of the car (carefully, as parking is directly on the road!) and climb the tiny staircase down to this amazing spot.


It doesn’t look like much, but for me and my little ones, it was almost magical. Logan was completely immersed in exploring the pool for little creatures.


Of which he found a few…


And I utterly enjoyed taking photos of him standing in the pool of salt water, making tiny ripples…


But the rocks! Oh, the rocks. If you like rocks at all, this is an awesome spot. It was all I could do to control myself and refrain from taking any home. They are all so fabulous!



Of course this spot is best enjoyed at low tide or thereabouts, as it is underwater at high tide. Check your tide charts before heading out (or check online here). Read more about Rachel Carson here.



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