One Morning Walk

Today it feels as though spring is upon us in Maine. Perfect time to grab our rubber boots, put the baby in the backpack and head out on a discovery walk. Spring on the Midcoast holds the joys of early snowdrops poking through clumps of melting snow and stiff ocean breezes perfect for kite flying and chasing your wayward sheets that have escaped from the line.

We drove into Damariscotta and decided to walk between the “twin towns” of Damariscotta and Newcastle, across the bridge that spans the Damariscotta River and separates the towns, and then down Glidden St. in Newcastle and down a path along the river. This is a perfect walk for mamas with a variety of ages among their children. You can easily sling a baby or use a stroller (jogging, probably), and it’s not too much of a hike for the younger set. Older children will enjoy discovering the beauty of the Damariscotta River, especially walking over the bridge!, plus there are various stone walls to climb on, big, beautiful trees to find sticks and acorns around, and today there were lots of muddy puddles to fall splash in.

We started at the public parking lot down by the water in Damariscotta. As we parked, we noticed the tide was very high (the Damariscotta River is tidal) and the morning sun blinded us as it bounced off the river. My almost-5-year-old reminded me of one of our favorite books, Time of Wonder, by singing, “Oh, with the blue water sparkling all around, all around, with the blue water sparkling all around.”

From there, we crossed the bridge into Newcastle and continued up Glidden Street to the end.

By the end of the walk we were muddy, windswept, happy. Fun sidenote: this walk will take you right by S. Fernald’s Country Store. If you are in need of a cup of coffee, a hot sandwich, or a cold milkshake, this makes an excellent pitstop for whiny mamas and children. (Erin)


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